Each Extra page = 10.00$US

All the above packages include:

A guestbook or tagboard -using scripts available with your hosting or Bravenet.
A counter if required - using scripts available with your hosting or Bravenet.
Protection Scripts: No right-click; No Drag and Drop; Disable image toolbar.
Metatags are also incliuded.
** However graphics are not included. After discussion of the options with you, I will advise you if you so wish. But please be aware that some graphics artists require that a license be bought if their graphics are being used by a site designer. In this case, you would have to pay the fee.


Other scripts:

  • Plugboard, Email Form, PHP Counter etc.... 20$US for each script.

Specify a script



Site revamp - not included in maintenance

  • Site Revamp - webset (supplied by you) = 30$US per site